Difference between Japan and the others.

Difference between Japanese and others.

What's the Difference?

1. Low High Method
2. Footwork between trick to trick
3. Command and Sign Method (Communication Method)
4. Way to think about Disc Management
5. Way to think about Field Presentation

Low High Method is one of the disk tossing method that most of the Japanese players are using. Dogs are easier to catch if you use this method. First you show a disk to your dog placing it between your eyes and your dog's eyes, then, quickly put the disk down and toss it. American player Tracy Custer is using this method when she tosses since long before.

To execute a few simple steps between tricks consciously, makes the team easy to transit smoothly to next trick. Just after one trick, it's important for the player to move quickly and also calmly into next position where he can easy to start the next trick.
American B.E. was doing this good, I think.

It's difficult to explain about this here. Many players throw disks at the same time they give commands to dogs.
But Japanese players who use Yachi's methods place the disk between their eyes and the dog's eyes like mentioned in number 1 above, after giving commands to the dog.
Accordingly, dogs can take action (catch) after recognizing what to do next clearly.
American B.E. was doing this correctly, though his commands were queer.
If you are American, I think you can understand what to do a little if you study his video.

This is easy to explain. Japanese players think it awful to make their dogs rambling around when they are picking up disks. We call it "break".
Sabine Wolf plays with no "break" from the beggining of her routine to the end of it.

This is easy, too. I think it's important to show dogs catching disks both ends of the field in one routine.
As for players, it's good to perform their segments at least three different places on the field.
It looks far better than the playing in only one spot on the field.

It's important to understand it very difficult to do number 4 and 5 refered above both in the same routine.
But if you could do both, and also you could perform difficult tricks smoothly in high catching excecution by executing number 1, 2,and 3 above surely, you are possible to win
the game.

Many Japanese players play freestyle, always being aware of these methods above.
If not, it's impossible to get qualified in Japan.
Also, Japanese never repeat same tricks or same segments in one routine.

What do you think?

Translated by Mio

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